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Become A Water Tech Volt Dealer 

We Protect Your Margins

Exclusivity, Profitability, Protection

Not Available To Mass Merchants or Third Party Internet Companies


Water Tech has recognized the ever-changing marketplace and understands the pressures placed on pool and spa retail operations.  With that said, Water Tech would like to introduce the Volt Series.  This line is available exclusively to select clientele and designed with the intention of protecting the bottom line by establishing minimum advertised pricing across the product line.  Every approved Dealer is subject to sign a M.A.P. terms and conditions agreement which holds them accountable for selling the Volt Series.


The Volt Series offers several advantages over the Classic Pool Blaster Line.  Vacuum head size, filter bag capacity, faster charging times, and surface coverage (Sq. Ft. per hour) are all key upgrades.  These improvements help make the Volt Series a sought after and desirable retail product line.


Below are several key points for distributors:


  • Distributor must sign a M.A.P. terms and conditions agreement and provide the contact information for the person who will receive “Do Not Sell” and “Authorized Dealer” lists

  • Water Tech provides a “Do Not Sell” customer list

  • Water Tech provides a “Authorized Dealer” list consisting of all the dealers which have listed said distributor as a supplier

  • Dealers MUST appear on “Authorized Dealer” list in order to qualifying for purchasing Volt Series products

  • Water Tech does not allow branch transfers

  • Water Tech provides print and digital marketing material on request

  • Water Tech provides training and product support on request


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